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“Go to the court with your spouse and sign papers” Solomon Buchi advices men on how to cut cost for their wedding

Life coach and social commentator Solomon Buchi has recently dished out some advice to intending couples who are grappling with the current Nigerian economy. 

He expressed that if a person was actively looking to get married, they should not be looking at having a big and elaborate wedding. 

He advised men to go and pay their woman’s bride price, and that they should just go to the court with their spouse and sign papers. 

He also advised them to do a wedding that could involve about 20 people, and they should not indulge in alcoholic drinks because they were quite expensive. 

He furtherexpressed that if a woman wants a big wedding, then she should go and marry Jesus. 

In his words, he says, 

“go and pay your woman’s bride price, go to court with your spouse and sign papers, do a weekday wedding with just 20 people, no alcoholic drinks because they are expensive. If anyone is angry, tell them how expensive things are in Nigeria. You would be a fool to do a big wedding in Nigeria right now as a hustler. Even bolognese are feeling the heat in Nigeria. Who are you? Who do you think you are? If you are a woman and you want a big wedding right now in Nigeria, go and marry Jesus.”

Now, also recall that Solomon Buchi had also given out some dating advice in the beginning of the year. He had advised people who were in talking stages to not let it linger for more than three months. 

He expressed that most times, most people know exactly what they want, and that except you are planning to open a podcast, there was no reason for you to be in a talking stage for more than three months as you would just be wasting your time and also the other person’s time. 

Also recall  that in January of 2024, Solomon had celebrated his one-year wedding anniversary with his beautiful wife Arike  Adeola. Taking to social media, Twitter and Instagram to be precise, he had posted adorable pictures of him and his wife on their wedding day as well as the sweetest caption.

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