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Solomon Buchi slams content creators who constantly sexualize women

Twitter personality, social commentator, and self-acclaimed life coach Solomon Buchi has recently taken to the X platform to slam content creators who constantly sexualize women. 

He expressed his distaste for such content creators as he revealed that both men and women are morally corrupt. However, women lack shame. 

He recounted how he had stumbled upon one crazy video where a lady was offered $100 to show her boobs. He expressed how she had beamed into the camera and had foolishly opened her bra. He cried out over the moral degradation in the society. 

He also pointed out one Egungun, one of the content creators in the industry, whose content revolves around using women as sex symbols. 

He called him out while expressing that his content did not pass any comic value, so he questioned the intent.

Just five days ago, recall that Kemi Filani had reported that Solomon Buchi had hailed his wife’s culinary skills. 

Taking to the X platform, he had gushed over his wife’s cooking skills as he exclaimed that his wife Arike Adeola makes the best Egusi soup that he has ever eaten.

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