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Actress Sola Sobowale makes Iyabo Ojo’s former best friend Omo Brish sheds tears

Sola Sobowale

Veteran Nollywood actress Sola Sobowale has made Iyabo Ojo’s former best friend Tosin Abiola, popularly known as  Omo Brish, shed tears at an event.

In a post shared on her Instagram page, Omo Brish recalled how she started her acting career through Sola Sobowale, stating she does not mince words when correcting her even though it hurts.

Omo Brish said Sola never forsake her even when she fails to adhere to some of her advice and when she falls, she always picks, pacifies, and scolds her where there is no around.

The mother of two said she felt emotional sitting beside Sola Sobowale at an event without any barriers.

Omo Brish added she cried but believed those tears were tears of joy, gratitude, and affirmation of who Sola Sobowale has always been and will never change.

Omo Brish also expressed her love for the veteran actress, urging her fans and followers to pray for her.

She wrote: Hey fam, this woman needs no introduction but y’all don’t know that I walked into the movie industry because of her…. I call her Aunty mi, she’s never minced words to tell me the truth, no matter how hurtful it would be….

Aunty mi, I don’t celebrate you enough on here, today I feel so much emotional siting beside you with no barriers. You have never forsaken me, even when I didn’t listen, each of my fall, you’d pick me up, pacify me and scold me where there’s no one…..

Oh Aunty mi, I can go on and on but you are next to me…. the tears won’t stop. Tears of JOY, tears of GRATITUDE, tears of AFFIRMATION that you’re who you have always been and will NEVER CHANGE…..

I LOVE YOU SO VEEEEERY MUCH OLUSOLA ADUKE TE MI NIKAN, omo won ni ilu ifon @solasobowale Don’t just like please, pray for her

Omo brish
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