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Social media full of false views about people’s life – Meek Mill

US rapper, Meek Mill has expressed how he feels about people who are addicted to social media which he says is full of false views on people’s life.

The rapper who recently took a break from social media took to Instagram saying:

“Some people deeply caught up in social media and don’t even know they sick on this sh*t 24/7, this is a fun imaginary world with a lot of cap and false views of people real lives…but it’s being taken more serious than actual reality..you gotta check out off this jaw sometimes.”

He added:

“That’s why I turn mines off sometimes …. I be watching fake life more than my real life.”

“I think I’m getting better at life …tryna fix a bunch of things that could never be right!”

Meek Mill recently revealed that he might be relocating to Africa very soon. Read why HERE.

Meek Mill
Meek Mill
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