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Soberekon vows to collect his Aso-Ebi money if couple’s marriage ends in divorce


Music executive, Soberekon has issued a note of warning to anyone considering bringing an Aso-Ebi to him to buy for their wedding.

Soberekon narrated how he traveled to another state for a wedding after buying an expensive Aso-Ebi only for him to hear that the couple divorced four days ago.

In reaction, he stated that couples must sign an agreement which will see them return the money he pays for their Aso-Ebi if they ever divorce.

“It’s so annoying

“I bought an ASO-EBI for 65k last year December and travelled all the way to Enugu from Lagos for the wedding. Paid my flight tickets to and fro, only for me to hear today that the couples divorced 4days ago!

“Marriages don’t last more than 2 years this days, don’t know why. So from now on, anyone who brings ASO-EBI of over 1,500 for me; will sign an agreement with my lawyer….You divorce, you refund me my money with interest!”, he wrote.

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