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“Smoking is a valid relationship red flag” Solomon Buchi to intending couples



Author, activist, and relationship expert Solomon Buchi opened up a conversation about smoking and red flags in a relationship. Solomon Buchi known for giving relationship and life advice, emphasized the importance of recognizing valid concerns in a relationship l.

In his latest message, he spoke on the importance of acknowledging certain behaviors as genuine red flags, rather than succumbing to emotional manipulation.

The main point of Buchi’s message centered on smoking. He stressed that it is crucial for individuals to trust their instincts and assess compatibility when it comes to such lifestyle choices.

In his words, “Smoking is a valid relationship red flag. Don’t let anyone blackmail you”.

What languages will our kids speak? Inter-tribal couple Solomon Buchi and Arike melt hearts in adorable video

Kemi Filani reported that back in August, Kemi Filani had taken to his instagram page to post a sickly sweet video of him and wife having a conversation about language and kids.

In the video, Solomon Buchi had shown off his beautiful makeup free wife while teasingly questioning her on her fluency in Yoruba language. He also tried to test his fluency in Igbo.

He also asked her if she thought he was a good Igbo speaker to which she confirmed. He went on to disagree with her a little on being a great Yoruba speaker seeing as she had grown up in the Uk most of her life.

Solomon Buchi celebrates world s*xual purity day, advises partners

Relationship expert, Solomon Buchi had joined the rest of the world to celebrate sexual purity day back in of 2022. He had stated that Dating without sex is not old-fashioned. He also mentioned that penetrative sex isn’t the only sexual sin. So while you abstain from penetrative sex, also avoid masturbation, porn, sexting. He concluded by saying that virginity is only honorable when you’re truly sexually pure.