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Skuki Peeshaun speaks on the violence experienced during presidential election in Lagos

One half of Skuki, Peeshaun, has spoken on the reason why he believes Lagos experienced violence in the presidential election which held on 23rd of February 2019.

According to a series of tweets he shared, his opinion ‘is not a political post or a tribalistic one. It’s an awareness post, so you know the motivation that the political thugs are being fed with’.

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The violence we saw in LAGOS during the presidential elections was more of a TRIBAL WAR than a POLITICAL BATTLE. Pls read on…
Do you guys remember in 2015, when the Eze-Ndigbos (Igbo elders) paid a courtesy visit to the Oba of lagos?

There was insinuations from the Igbo elders that the person they wanted for Lagos governor was PDP’s Jimi Agbaje
The Oba of Lagos did not like the vibes he was getting and urged the Igbo elders to support his own candidate, which was APC’s Ambode.

That was the time the Oba of Lagos said any Igbo person who doesn’t support a peaceful and united Lagos would be thrown into the Lagos lagoon
Fast forward to 2019, this GROWING CONFLICT has surfaced again

Lagos is the fastest growing among the 36 Nigerian states
A lot of Igbos are settled here (Lagos) and they wish to hold higher significant positions in this booming state.

Part of the frustration of some YORUBA CULTURAL LEADERS is that- Why do the Igbos want to have a say in the political affairs of Lagos (a Yoruba state) when Yorubas dare not go to Igbo-land and attempt to dictate political affairs there.

The Igbos have an affiliation with PDP, and they know that a PDP government in Lagos would favor their personal agendas
So the plan is to support PDP into getting Lagos state back!
With the high population of Igbos living in Lagos, PDP would get a lot of votes from the tribe.

Yoruba cultural leaders fear that, if care is not taken, the Igbos would break all cultural barriers and eventually snatch Lagos state from the Yorubas and install only their brothers into powerful positions in the state.


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