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Drama as Skit maker Lord Lamba fails to appear at court for child custody battle with Queen Mercy Atang

Queen's baby daddy

There’s an ongoing child custody battle between skit maker Lord Lamba and Queen Mercy Atang.

According to the allegations flying around, Lord Lamba failed to show up at court during one of the hearing sessions to fight for custody over his daughter.

It was earlier alleged that Lord Lamba filed a child custody petition without giving Queen Mercy Atang’s notice.

Allegedly, the matter had been presided upon twice, without Queen Mercy Atang’s knowledge. Upon investigation by her Lawyers, Queen Mercy Atang was made aware of the court date, and Lord Lamba didn’t show up.

The drama between Lord Lamba and Queen Mercy Atang first unfolded, when she made the news of her engagement public.

Shortly after Queen Mercy Atang’s engagement announcement, Lord Lamba posted pictures of himself and their daughter on Instagram, for the first time ever since she was born in 2022.

Lord Lamba’s post raised a lot of brows, with netizens calling him out for being jealous over Queen Mercy Atang’s engagement.

After he made the post featuring his daughter, Queen Mercy Atang posted a skirt, featuring herself and Nasty Blaq. The storyline of the skit looked similar to her current situation, and this left netizens baffled.

The drama with Lord Lamba didn’t stop Queen Mercy Atang from marrying her U.K based husband. It was a huge hit in the media, and it had a lot of coverage on social media.

During her wedding, a lot of BBNaija alums showed up and supported her. It was a glamorous all-white event that featured a lot of reality television stars.

The huge show out during her wedding proved just how much influence Queen Mercy Atang held in her hands.

Despite the fact that she’s influential, the drama with Lord Lamba is one of her first and only public spats. Queen Mercy Atang has maintained a low profile that has kept her out of trouble.

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