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“Timaya cried when he found out I was homeless” Skales recounts his struggles (Video)

Skales reveals how Timaya helped him

Nigerian singer, Skales has revealed how his senior colleague, Timaya broke down in tears when he found out about his homelessness.

In an interview with Chude Jideonwo, he disclosed that after leaving E.M.E, he was rendered homeless after the label kicked him out of his rented house.

According to him, he was always sleeping in his car as the only possession he had then was his Ford Explorer, his studio, his clothes, and shoes.

He was always working with Timaya, who was oblivious to his sufferings as he did a good job of hiding his situation.

But the day, the ‘Ukwu’ crooner found out about it, he cried and felt bad because Skales was always with him. He noted how Skales was always chilling with him yet he didn’t know of his sufferings.

Skales further revealed that Timaya had offered him his penthouse which he wasn’t using.

“Yes, I was homeless.

I wasn’t making money, at that time. I wasn’t making money, it was only Banky and Wiz. I mean I was making money but it was not plenty. And I was also a young chap still trying to figure out life. So I’m like, I don’t have guidance, I’m just in these streets by myself. Even though, as much as I hate to blame whatever mistakes on that, but really I didn’t have any guidance. I didn’t have much money, the house I was staying, they rented it. So when the deal was off, I hit the streets and I’m not much of a going to be begging anybody for anything. Just still believed okay I have to keep going, I had just this Ford Explorer, my studio is my baby so I had my clothes, and my shoes in the boot. I mean I didn’t have much because everything I had in the house was theirs. I could just drive to anybody’s house that’s my friend, anytime we finish work. I’ll always make sure I leave late”.

“So after I finish doing work, which was mostly with Timaya, I’ll just go to my car and pass out, the next morning. I’ll probably pull up in the house like ‘Yo I want to use your bathroom, I only have my toothpaste and my brush then I’ll just go brush my teeth real quick. I was good vibes so everybody wanted me around you know. But only myself and one of my friends knew what I was going through but a lot of people didn’t know.

So one day, Timaya found out and he actually cried, he felt so and because I was always with them, I was always chilling and he didn’t know what was going on. So when he found out, he was like “There’s this penthouse that he doesn’t use for anything, he now told me to move in there”.

How Olamide helped me when I left E.M.E and was homeless” Skales spills

Also in the interview, Skales opened up on how singer, Olamide changed his life.

He recounted how he went broke after leaving his record label, E.ME which was headed by Banky W.

According to him, though his contract with the label had ended, they refused to continue because he wasn’t doing well for the label.

Skales revealed that he became homeless and broke after that, but a call from Olamide changed his life.

At that time, he had released his hit song, Shake Body, and Olamide who liked the song reached out to him to inquire when he was releasing the video.

Skales stated that he explained his situation to Olamide and he sent him money for the video. The music video became a hit and marked the beginning of a turnaround for him.

“My deal with them was done and they refused to continue because I wasn’t doing well at that time.

Olamide contacted me and said he loved one of my songs, Shake Body, and asked if I wasn’t going to shoot the video. I told him I was homeless and couldn’t possibly shoot a video and he sent me money. My God turned my life around after that video shoot”.

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