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“You should be taken to Rehab”, Singer, Portable’s ex manager breaks silence, accuses him of unpaid debt

Portable's ex manager drags him

Fast rising singer, Portable’s newly sacked Manager has called him out for unpaid debts.

This is coming hours after the singer revealed that he had sacked his manager, DJ and promoter because of their ingratitude.

Lashing out at the singer, his ex manager stated that Portable needs to be placed in rehab as the cigarettes he smokes are affecting his brain.

He slammed the singer for feeding the public with lies about feeding and clothing him.

According to him, he never took a dime from Portable and that the singer was owing him money.

He told Portable to pay back the N2 million he was given to perform at an event since he couldn’t make it there.

He said, “Portable the Igbo you are smoking is affecting your Brain, you should be taken to Rehab As soon as possible, so that your brain can start functioning, I am glad I never look a dime from you, and you are the one that is owing me money, pay me back the money you borrowed from me, also the N2 million Eti DMW gave you for a show yesterday and you didn’t show up you better pay it back immediately”.

Kemi Filani news recalls Portable sacked his manager, DJ and promoter for being ungrateful.

The singer stated that he was been milked daily by them as he was in charge of their feeding, clothing and every other expenses.

Portable claimed that whenever he pretends to be broke and asked them for money, they all give flimsy excuse.

Irritated by this, Portable made a swift move and sacked them all.

Taking to his Instagram page, he questioned the essence of being with him, and be broke.

According to him, if anyone doesn’t gain from him, then he has no choice but to send them away.

“Oju aaye Le lo, bad belle, can u see someone like me. You have spoilt the name of your helper. Am I your father or brother. Manger, DJ, promoter, I will feed you all, but clothes, buy everything. Simple money for una account, I will pretend like I am broke, I will ask manager for money he would say he doesn’t have likewise DJ and promoter. If you can’t gain from then you leave. U are living with a rich person you don’t have money. If I help you and you didn’t change, them you should go to your village I need more people to help”.

Portable's ex manager drags him
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