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“My music is my music, don’t compare it to others” Singer Jaywon

My music is my music - Jaywon

Afrobeatartist Jaywon recently took to his Instagram story to share an interesting insight about his music.

He expressed that “his music is his music” while telling his fans and followers to not compare him to others. He further expressed that even when he makes party music, his type of music still cannot be compared to others.

He advised Nigerians to enjoy everybody’s music without feeling the need to compare. He also stated that he was not going anywhere, hinting at the fact that he was more focused on longevity in the music industry.

His words, he says,

“Jaywon’s music is Jaywon’s music, don’t compare it to others. Even when I make party music, it still cannot be compared to others. Enjoy everybody’s music, but don’t compare. Me, I know dey run, i dey wait for God’s guidance and directions. Evergreen is coming for those that appreciate my music.”

In the same Instagram story, he also called out Nigerians who were still supporting the government as he branded them fools. He further expressed that if the government really cared about Nigerians, the first thing they would have done would be to reduce the cost of governance, instead of looking for a way to increase it. He further stated that Nigerians too mumu.

Now, also recall that yesterday, Kemi Filani had reported that Seyi Tinubu, the son to President Tinubu, had implored Nigerians to continue to remain patient in the face of hardship. However, Nigerians had slammed him over his expensive watch, reportedly worth over 340 million Naira. They revealed that it was hypocritical of him to rock such an expensive watch while telling Nigerians to continue to endure the suffering in the economy.

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