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Singer Bez’s wife shares her life-changing encounter with a taxi driver

Wife to talented Nigerian alternative singer, Bez Idakula, Bolatito Ladoja has taken to social media to share the encounter she had with an Uber driver last night.

The daughter of former Oyo State Governor Rasheed Ladoja and mother of three narrated how God used her to pass across a message concerning the driver’s ailing daughter despite heading to the home of a hurting friend.

Read the post below;

“A friend of mine got some bad news so I booked a ride as it was late. I was just praying for her and I honestly wasn’t thinking about the person driving me. But as I prayed, I got in my spirit “tell him that his sick daughter will be healed and everything will be okay”

I was like “Lord, you’ve sent me on another message, I just want to focus on that” but the Holy Spirit kept speaking about this guy. He was saying how his daughter was ill and how this man was working so hard because of her and he needed him to know everything will be fine.
I continued to pray and just listen. The ride wasn’t long and before I knew it, we were at the destination. Just before I got out of the car, I asked him “Do you have a daughter?” He said “yes”. I said “God said, he has healed her and that you just have to praise”

This man literally burst into tears saying “thank you Jesus” over and over again. I proceeded to give him the rest of the message and he was just speechless. Even after he dropped me, he just parked his car with his head bowed. I didn’t ask a lot of questions but I knew!

I knew he needed that word at that exact moment and it was a privilege to be the one to let him know that God had him on his heart. I also really needed that experience because I got to share it with my hurting friend as a reminder of God’s love and faithfulness.

He called me 3 times last night and sent a message just to say thank you. He called me this morning again just to say thank you and even offered me his services for free if at all I needed to go somewhere. All because of a simple message.

In this world, there are many loud voices but it’s so important to listen out for the only one that matters. Through the noise, the pain, the struggle and frustrations, God is always speaking but are we always listening? Don’t be distracted the noise, what is God saying to you”

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