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“We all posted him on our page when he died” Actor Shoneye Olamilekan calls out colleague over fake love for Murphy Afolabi

Shoneye Olamilekan and Murphy Afolabi

Yoruba Nigerian film actor Shoneye Olamilekan has called out his colleagues for their fake love towards late Murphy Afolabi who died a few days after his birthday in May.

Shoneye on Instagram, queried his colleagues for being silent over Murphy Afolabi’s project despite being dead.

The actor who claimed he is not one to seek attention or validation on social media accused Nollywood for not sharing the late actors work.

He politely taunted them for posting his shocking death on their social media pages but are not hastened to share his works, stating it costs nothing to promote his project.

“I’m not the type that would come to social media to seek attention or validation, but I feel that the last respect we can give to Murphy Afolabi is reposting his movie for massive awareness! At least we all posted him on our page when his death cake to us was a shock, why not his movie? It costs us absolutely nothing. My take though.”

Recall that Murphy Afolabi died on Sunday, the 14th of May, 2023, after he reportedly slipped on bathroom tiles and hit his head on a hard surface.

Nollywood stars declared that Sunday as a Black day because the movie industry lost two actors. Murphy Afolabi’s death was mourned with dark images.

The actor’s death came as a shock to many because he recently marked his 49th birthday on the 5th of May. Seun Oloketuyi claimed the actor lost his life after slipping on bathroom tiles.

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