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‘She was killed or she took suicidal substance and died in the church- Emeka Rollas expresses concerns over Chi Bernard’s death



How Chi Bernards died

The President of Actors Guild of Nigeria, Emeka Rollas has expressed his concerns over the sudden death of Actress Chi Bernards.

Kemi Filani had reported that Chi Bernards passed on a few days after she collapsed and died while cleaning a Catholic church in Enugu State.

For Emeka Rollas there are many questions yet to be answered concerning the death of the young actress.  

He posted his reservations via his Instagram page: ‘1. How can someone who slumped inside a church sustain bruises on the face? 2. Who are Chinedu’s parishioners friends? 3. Who are Chinedu’s friends in Enugu where she is practising her craft? So it’s either someone killed her or she took a suicidal substance and decided to die in the church. Autopsy must be conducted to ascertain the main cause of her death. Let me use this medium to address Actors. No man is an Island.
 it’s gross irresponsibility for any Actor to be in an Industry such as ours without beign up to date with the Actors Guild of Nigeria. Stop hiding under all those ridiculous WOODS as an Actor to claim you are a certified actor. Because Once there is an issue whether in good or bad light, the pressure comes on AGN as if AGN is anybody’s next of kin. Please social media hailing, accolades is not love. Even Animals move in clusters.”