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“She is a pathetic f00l” Kemi Olunloyo’s first son disowns her

Kemi Olunloyo son

Kemi Olunloyo’s first son, Enitan, has taken to social media to call out his mother and publicly disown her.

Enitan, who is a level 35 Cosplayer with Instagram handle, @eni2171987 took to the social media platform to call his mother a “pathetic fool”.

According to him, he doesn’t take her seriously as she abandoned him when he was a kid.

He wrote, “The reason that I don’t do thanksgiving like I used to because my mom or should I say, Kemi have the audacity to treat me any kind of way. And the reason why I turn my back on her cos she don’t care about her own flesh and blood family, but herself. That’s why I am still no longer her son. Because she’s already famous and a pathetic fool she is and when i realize that after all these years and secretly told myself. She would have been locked up in GA after 14 years ago. I was in the house all alone. No food no electricity!”

Kemi Olunloyo is a mother of three sons from three different fathers.

Netizens react

Reacting to the call out by her son, Nigerians took to social media to drag Kemi the more.

Cutie_Julls wrote, “Kemi’s own son says his mother is a fuuul, ashewo, druggie etc, who abandoned him so she can focus on sleeping with random men etc… who am I to argue? Person that all her children are psychos cause she continued to take hard drugs even when she was pregnant with all of them. Kemi has been on hard dr#gs for a long time. Her own biological son even said it.”

One Nneamaka2016 wrote, “She’s an evil woman that derives pleasure from other people’s pain🤮🤮🤮🤮 If they arrest her now, people will start saying nonsense but here she is spewing rubbish about a family that is mourning the tragic loss of their son.”

Nnediorazu_ wrote, “Someone that social services took her kids away from. Kemi is m*ad”

Olatolewami wrote, “Until someone send this woman back to Jail ori e o ni pe”

The deaths in Davido’s life is a generational curse – Kemi Olunloyo blows hot

Kemi FIlani News earlier reported that Kemi Olunloyo alleged that there is a generational course in Davido’s family.

This comes after his first son, Ifeanyi died in their Banana Island mansion.

According to her, she will launch a docuseries on the numerous death and generational curse in the family.

Kemi further alleged that her father told her about Davido’s late uncle, Isiaka Adeleke. She further stated that she was friends with Davido’s late mother, Vero Imade Adeleke and she babysat Davido.

She also alleged that only Davido can spiritually break the curse in his family.

She wrote, “Today I’m launching #TheAdelekeCurse TikTok DOCUSERIES based on true life stories my father told me about several years ago. Late Uncle Isiaka was very close to my dad. I was very close to Late VeroImade in ATL, babysat David a few times in my ATL days 1992, 2003. This will be the sequel to my underrated YouTube docuseries #SurvivingDavido.There is a generational curse no one can fully explain BUT I personally believe only DAVIDO can BREAK IT SPIRITUALLY.”

Kemi Olunloyo rains curses on her son’s father and his family members

Kemi Filani News recalls that Kemi Oluloyo once revealed she is heartbroken and has been at peace with herself until her past came to destroy her.

This comes a few weeks after she announced that her eldest son reunited with her baby daddy, Babatunde Ogunade, after he abandoned them for over 30 years.

The journalist expressed her anguish in a post on Instagram, saying it hurts her that Babatunde abandoned them while Ogunade continued to feed their son lies after he reconnected with them.

Kemi claims that Ogunade exploited their kid’s developmental impairment, misled his friends into believing he had been cured, and denies her access to her son.

Kemi also rain curses on members of her family who gave Babatunde Ogunnade access to their child without her consent.

She wrote: I am BROKEN How do I get over this? I was at peace with my past which made me who I am until my past came to destroy me again. Telling my son I kept him from you Babs Ogunade is like the devil showing up in my home.

You missed the delivery room, the first walk, 34 birthdays, high school graduation, hand severed and reattached in surgery, everything. You have never reached out to me but did this to me while I’m alive?

My son no longer speaks to me. You took advantage of his developmental disability telling your friends he’s “cured” of Autism. This is wickedness at its peak. I will not fight to get my child back.

God will punish everyone in my family who gave you access to my child without my knowledge. May they NEVER KNOW PEACE. AMEN. I still don’t know who introduced Mr Babatunde Ogunade to my son without my knowledge.

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