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She fainted the day she visited my house – Actor Mustapha Sholagbade reveals how he met and fell in love with his wife

Mustapha Sholagbade is one of the young actors currently rocking the movie industry.

In this chat with Seye Kehinde, he revealed how he met his wife and got married to her 3 years ago.


You seem to be very close to your mum, what kind of woman is she?

She’s is a very supportive mother. She’s very strict. She doesn’t take nonsense. She always yelled at me whenever she hears any unpalatable stories about me. I would have to start explaining to her that I didn’t do the thing I was accused of.

Let’s talk about your love, how did you meet your wife?

My wife did something that made me fell in love with her. I never promised any lady marriage in my life. But what my wife did on that fateful day made me go for her. In fact, my instinct told me that if I should let her go, I would regret it. We used to be friends before we lost contact and reconnected again when she came back to Nigeria.

She was so eager to know my house, but because I was living in a room self-contain then at Surulere, I did not want her to come to my house. Why, because she just returned from abroad and she might not feel comfortable in the room. I even suggested she lodge in a Hotel, so we could meet there, but she refused, and she eventually came to my house.

Thank God, there was light, the Ac was on, everywhere was cool and I was praying within me that NEPA should not take light till she leaves, but the light was eventually taken and the problem I was scared of started?


Heat (laugh), the heat in that area was something else. Even if you put on an electric generator it won’t work. My wife was sweating like a Xmas goat. I was so embarrassed.

Meanwhile, I have a shooting job at Alagomeji. I hurried my wife to let us go there together, but she said no, she wanted to cook for me. Another problem, because even my kitchen I don’t go there to cook. But she insisted. She went to the market, came back and cooked.

While I was where we were shooting, my instinct told me to go home, I rushed home and lo and behold my wife was lifeless on the floor. She fainted because of heat. I had to remove her hair, loosened her clothes, sprinkled water on her before she came back to life. It was while I was bathing that my instinct told me “this is your woman, don’t let her go”.

I still wasn’t too sure, but I started praying, then, I later proposed to her and we got married in Aug, 2017.And God has blessed us with a bouncing baby boy.

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1 Comment

  1. Tosin

    March 27, 2020 at 5:13 pm

    You got your love because of your originality

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