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Shame on you at your age – Troll slams Regina Askia for going on air to talk about crisis in her marriage

Former Nollywood actress, Regina Askia has responded to a troll who attacked her for going on air to talk about the crisis which rocked her marriage.

According to the troll, Regina Askia who is based in the US is too old for such stunt meant for people dying for validation on instagram.

Laura Anthony Michael wrote: “Regina Askia Williams, you went on air to start talking about your marriage and the crisis that rocked it. So what did you gain? All for the gram. At your age. Shame on you and every thing that you represent”.

Regina Askia responded saying: “Dear Gram troll migrated to FB, this is for you and any others with the same mind set – learn to keep it 100.

“Please learn a thing or two from the honest conversation with my son. If you are in a violent situation, get help, heal and repair your relationship.

“That’s all. We did just that and we along with our kids are doing well 19 years and counting. As for the rest of your insult, a direct reflection of your poor home training.

“If your parents took time to heal themselves and repair the family, you would not have come out so bitter. As a medic, I can fix many things but I can’t fix stupidity. Only God will do that for you”.

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