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“The backlash you have received from different people gets to me” Seyi Law sends heartfelt message to Eedris Abdulkareem, days after clashing online

Seyi Law consoles Eedris Abdulkareem over backlash he has received

Nigerian comedian, Seyi Law has offered an olive branch to legendary rapper, Eedris Abdulkareem over the tons of backlash he has received for the past few days.

Taking to his Instagram page, he stated that God bears him witness that he never had a side discussion with him about the allegation he made against him in his recent interview. He stated that maybe Eedris misunderstood his jokes. However, that doesn’t stop him from pitying him over the backlash he has received from different people which has gotten to him.

Wishing him well, he noted how nobody is infallible to mistakes and he hopes people will let things go.

“Egbon, @abdulkareemeedris, God knows that I never had a side discussion with you about what you said. Maybe you misunderstood my jokes. I don’t know, but the backlash you have received from different people kind of gets to me, and I just want to wish you well.

Nobody is infallible to mistakes, and I just hope people will let things go. It is love and light from me to you.

God bless you, Egbon, and keep you strong”.

Seyi Law consoles Eedris Abdulkareem over backlash he has received

Seyi Law’s heartfelt message to Eedris is coming as a surprise as days back, the two had fought dirty online after Eedris claimed that Seyi regretted his decision of voting for President Tinubu as he noted how he had been insulted and cursed over his support for him and how he had stopped receiving money from people at his shows.

Reacting to it, Seyi Law in a tweet, expressed his love for Eedris as he debunked the allegation.

Following this, a netizen brought out the video of him expressing his regret for supporting Tinubu, which led to an online banter between the two as Eedris slammed him for trying to paint him as a liar while Seyi stated that Eedris was using his lies to pander his bloated ego and unsolicited activism.

Aside from his beef with Seyi Law, Eedris had received tons of backlash and draggings after he slammed Burna Boy over a statement he made years back, claiming that none of his senior colleagues had prepared him for success.

Eedris described his statement as a stup!d talk and Burna Boy hit back at him, blaming the people who donated money for his hospital bills last year. He added that he wished the singer was someone who can enter the kind of places, he enters so they can meet.

Replying him, Eedris agreed that the money contributed by Nigerians helped save his life, but he doubts any contribution can save Burna Boy’s sperm from reproducing.

Eedris had also been slammed for crediting himself for the successes of Wizkid and others, claiming that his revolt against the poor treatment of Nigerian artists by show promoters in 2005, was a breakthrough for them, as now, Nigerian’ artists are being respected worldwide because of his sacrifice, which unfortunately led to the death of his career.

Reacting to it, Odumodublvck stated that no one paved the way for them rather their hustling spirit got them to the top. He, however, stated that though one can be inspired, no one paved the way for another as such credit is for God.

Nigerian rappers, Ice Prince and Skibii also made a mockery of Eedris as they were captured mocking him as they watched the interview.

Recall that Paul Okoye had also slammed Eedris for his statement noting how he always picks fights with his colleagues, and insults reigning artists.

Paul stated that Eedris always talks about fighting for the industry which leaves him laughing as he recounted how Eedris betrayed the industry because of his greed.

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