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“Take it easy on your rich friends and family and the ones in diaspora” Actor Seun Jimoh appeals to Nigerians

Seun Jimoh appeals to Nigerians over those in dispaora

Nollywood actor, Seun Sean Jimoh has made a public appeal to Nigerians with loved ones and friends in the diaspora.

Taking to his Instagram page, he appealed to them to take it easy on their rich friends and family, especially those in the diaspora. He stated that despite $1 being N1700, family members overseas still have to work harder for it.

He admonished Nigerians to stop using their brain to calculate how much dollars would be for their helper as he noted how some helpers also need helpers.

“Please take it easy on your rich friends and family and the ones in Diaspora. Even though the dollar is 1 to 1700 now they still need to work their asses off for every dollar. No dey take brain calculate how much dollars be for who wan give you o!
Person wey you dey look up to see get who e dey look up to o”.

“Inflation is global, all the major countries in the world are experiencing either mild or very serious recession, the American government has come close to a shutdown at least twice in 2 years, egg wey dem Dey sell for 80 cents in 2021 don turn 3.50 for I pack, gas don go from 1.89 to 3.50, UK sef no know how dem wan take do am, the whole Europe they take hand scratch head, na only miraculous grace people Dey take to thrive for this world wey we Dey! Person wey e go touch, wey he go touch us, make no bad thing touch the person o! Amin”.

Seun Jimoh appeals to Nigerians over those in dispaora

Similarly, Nigerian comedian turned prophet, Bayegun Oluwatoyin better known as Woli Arole has made an appeal to Nigerians on behalf of those living overseas.

Taking to his Instagram page, the prophet stated that those working overseas can’t be sending money all the time as he noted how they are overworking themselves.

He appealed to them to appreciate the little they sent them, stop being ungrateful, and pray for them.

Singer, Rudeboy had slammed a woman over her sense of entitlement, as he noted how the situation in the country was getting worse.

He revealed that the woman he once helped with her daughter’s blood transfusion, was insulting him, reminding him that he would die someday and leave all his money behind.

Expressing heartbreak over her messages, he declared his plans to increase the volume of his wickedness.

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