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“Be a role model to yourself” Sanni Alesh pens powerful advice to his fans

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Nollywood actor and fashion enthusiast, Sanni Alesh has penned powerful advice to his fans following the reports online about famous celebrity stylist, Mimi Linda Yina, known as Medlin Boss.

Sanni Alesh urged his fans to be contented and focus on whatever they have, rather than comparing themselves to those who they think are living luxuriously.

The father of two encouraged his fans with heartwarming words, stating they are better than the lives on social media.

He wrote: Hey bro, hi sis. Just need to tell you that you’re doing well focus on that business, focus on that marriage just make yourself happy, DO NOT COMPARE you’re better than those relationships online, you’re better than those luxurious lifestyles on social media. JUST BE YOU..

You should be a role model to yourself…

Shy Sanni Alesh shares dashing photos to mark his 30th birthday

Sanni Alesh’s post trails his 30th birthday celebration which he is planning to make a blast.

Earlier this month, a shy Sanni Alesh shared dashing photos of himself online to mark his 30th birthday. He accompanied his photos with a grateful message for his new age.

The stunning actor also spoke about his 30th birthday bash which he promised to be a hit.

He wrote: Yooooooo 👋 this is 30. It’s my birthday. Ya Allah 🙏 thank you for all #grateful #partywithalesh@30

Alesh Sanni brags as he unveils his 30th birthday Asoebi

Following this, Sanni Alesh bragged about his grand 30th birthday party when he revealed the plans for his new age.

The actor revealed that he ordered Asoebi in bulks which were imported from Switzerland.

While bragging about his new age, Sanni Alesh revealed his birthday party would be a movie.

“It’s about to be a movie. My 30th birthday aso ebi for men is ready. All the way from Switzerland. O ma loud…”.

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