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I am being wished death”, Sandra Iheuwa cries out

Sandra Iheuwa

Sandra Iheuwa, the ex wife of hair boss Steve Thompson and babymama of Ubi Franklin has cried out over the incessant death threats she has been receiving.

Sandra shared screenshots of nasty dms where trolls wished her death ahead of her baby delivery.

The toxic troll had prayed for the expected mother to die while giving birth.

Reacting to it, Sandra questioned why a person would wish her death when she has done nothing wrong.

Displaying maturity, she prayed for the troll to find peace.

“This is another one again. Wishing me death on tip what exactly? And everyone is telling me to ignore???? This is crazy especially when I have done nothing wrong to anyone….I really hope you find peace”.

In a follow up post, she complained bitterly about how her trolls are already attacking her business pages.

Sandra who had blocked, ignored and deleted their fake accounts, was taken aback when she found out that they had moved to her business pages.

She mentioned that she knows who is behind the trollings and hopes the person finds peace.

She noted how mental health is real and prayed that the person seeks helo.

“In as much I have ignored, blocked and deleted these particular fake accounts and even more tagging me and trolling me every even chance for weeks now….now they have started tagging my business pages….. I think I know who’s behind this page and I hope you find peace in your heart. Mental illness is real and I hope you seek help sooner than later before you enter market because I can’t imagine how someone can create multiple fake accounts to troll a high risk heavily pregnant woman especially one that did absolutely nothing to you. This is happening almost everyday…. God have mercy. This is nit affecting but I’m truly worried about the person’s mental state I seriously hope gou find peace and seek help”.

Sandra Iheuwa cries out over death threats
Sandra Iheuwa cries out over death threats
Sandra Iheuwa cries out over death threats
Sandra Iheuwa cries out over death threats

Kemi Filani news recalls Sandra Iheuwa recounting how she started her logistics business without loans.

The expected mother who is currently in Boston, Massachusetts awaiting the arrival of her baby, is counting down to the one year anniversary of her brand, Ella Logistics.

Sharing her business story, Sandra opened up on how she started her business with her own capital without applying for loans.

She revealed that this is her first servicing business in Nigeria and she is excited for how far she has come.

Sandra further disclosed that she is opening a new branch and urged her fans to support her.

“Ella Logistics will be 1 yrs old next month

We are also opening a new branch in Port Harcourt”.

“My logistics business I launched last year March will be 1yr next month…. I opened this business with my own capital no loans no nothing to know it has done very well. This is my first major naija based business servicing Nigerians…..I’m so proud of my team and how far we have come. We are opening a new branch in Port Harcourt before the end of March we can’t wait to expand throughout Nigeria. Thanks to everyone that have supported my business….you are also supporting my dream. Thank you”.

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