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“Watching myself hurt and broken made me cry” Ruth Kadiri emotional as she appeals to her fans



Ruth Kadiri tears up as she watches herself hurt and broken

Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Ruth Kadiri was left emotional after waking up to watch her new movie.

The mother of two, via her Instagram page, revealed that halfway through her movie, she burst into tears.

Giving reasons, Ruth stated that watching herself hurt and broken made her cry and she couldn’t finish the movie.

However, she urges her fans who would be emotional after watching the movie to take a break, stroll, and return to watch the movie.

She pleaded with them to watch the movie till the end for her sake.

The filmmaker went on to pray for the heart of the brokenhearted to be healed.

“I woke up this morning! To watch my upload for tomorrow!!

Halfway into the movie I burst into tears! Watching myself hurt and broken made me cry!! I couldn’t finish it! I beg! When you watch and you’re in tears! Pause the film! Take a stroll and come back and finish it! For my sake try and finish!!!
Love you all.

May God heal the hearts of all broken-hearted souls”.

Ruth Kadiri tears up as she watches herself hurt and broken

Ruth Kadiri speaks on calling a Nollywood actress

Recall that months back, Ruth Kadiri had spoken about creating her landmark as a Nollywood actress.

Ruth Kadiri shared beautiful photos of herself on her Instagram page with an endearing caption that speaks volumes about her career as a filmmaker.

The mother of two disclosed that she learned to create her visual style as a woman and filmmaker, and she is sharing her mind with the world through the lens.

Ruth Kadiri also revealed that she has seen hearts healed through her movies, and she found peace because she followed her purpose, which is filmmaking.

Ruth Kadiri issues a PSA to film critics

This was followed by a message to her film critics, where she made them know that she wasn’t bothered by their analysis.

According to her, she had been getting lots of criticisms from people complaining about how predictable her movies her.

Making a comparison, Ruth Kadiri noted how Hollywood and other foreign movies are also predictable, yet people still watch them.

For her, it’s how she narrates it that matters.