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‘She pushed me to my limit’ Actor RMD shares experience of how Kemi Adetiba almost made him abandon ‘King of Boys’ sequel

RMD and Kemi Adetiba

Veteran Nollywood actor Richard Mofe-Damijo popularly called RMD, has shared experience of how he almost abandoned the movie production ‘King Of Boys‘ sequel because of his director Kemi Adetiba.

Sharing the movie’s official trailer, which is set to premiere on Netflix in few days, RMD said on the last day of filming, he had done over 15 hours, but Kemi Adetiba was not done with the production of his scene.

The actor said Kemi Adetiba pushed him to his limit, and it was a tense moment for him, but he decided to keep quiet even when he was raging inside.

According to RMD, his colleague Sola Sobowale had to ask if he could continue with the movie seeing the situation of things at the movie location.

“On the last day of my filming KOB. I probably had done a little over 15 hours. It was past 2am and I had a 7am flight to catch that morning but @kemiadetiba my director was not done.

We kept on, at about 3am she knew she had pushed me to my limit. It was a tense moment. I was quiet but raging inside.

@solasobowale came to talk to me to know if I could continue and just finish even though I had at this time probably done like 17 hours or thereabout.

Kemi walks up to me to say she knows she had pushed too far and if I left the set she won’t hold it against me, having gone over my time on set and all. I looked at everything on that set and everybody waiting to know if the shoot would continue with me or not.

My manager @sirfumze was a raging bull at this point. He wanted to pull me out. Kept reminding me of my presentation that day in Benin. The need to catch some sleep before my trip.

I knew I couldn’t walk away. My body was broken and it threatened my health but this job and my passion and commitment sometimes drives even me insane. I stayed on and opted to finish.

By past 4am we managed to wrap my scenes in KOB. My flight was like 2 hours away and I still needed to get home to pack for the trip.

But at that moment I knew we had created magic, and that Rev Ifeanyi had come to the party to stake his claim.

Tears. Sweat. Grit. Professionalism. Passion. Joy. Commitment. Name it.

My story and performance in the filming of this series, is only a small part of the kind of commitment and performances that Kemi was able to pull out of every cast and crew. She was able to do this only because she led by example and that was all I saw every time she went over shoot time.

Congratulations Kemi. Hope the audience connects to this and enjoy it the way we did when making this. You are a great talent. Respect.

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