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Rita Edochie reacts as Sarah Martins blasts Judy Austin over her reaction to Yul’s backlash for neglecting his other kids

Rita Edochie concurs as Sarah Martins shades Judy Austin

Veteran Nollywood actress Rita Edochie has reacted after her junior colleague Sarah Martins threw shade at Judy Austin over her reaction to her husband’s backlash.

Kemi Filani reported two days back that while slamming Yvonne Jegede for defending Yul Edochie for marrying a second wife, May’s lawyer, Emeka Ugwuonye, revealed that Yul doesn’t pay child support or his children’s school fees and that May takes care of their three children. He alleged that the actor told his daughter to meet her mother for her financial needs since she was making more money than him.

Taking to her Instagram page, Judy shared a video of her and Yul, revealing that they are two happy souls thriving against all odds. Hailing her husband, she prayed that anyone plotting evil against her husband should reap it in 20 folds. Judy went on to crown him the Most handsome man in the world.

“Just two happy souls thriving against all odds.
Isi Mmili Ji Ofor.
Eze Dike 1 of Nteje.
Anybody plotting evil for you will receive it 20 folds, iseeee

The most handsome man in the world”.

Reacting to it via her Instagram page, Sarah stated that a prostītute doesn’t kidnap people’s husbands nor mount guard on people’s territory.

Advising her to receive sense, she noted how May had left Yul, who she described as an empty vessel for her and questioned why she was creating a fuss online.

She added that Judy should stop allowing Yul to neglect his other children as she noted how she could do better.

“Ashawo no dey kidnap person husband! Ashawo no dey mount guard on top person territory! Try dey get sense! They’ve left the empty werey for you, so what’s the fuss about???

Ashawo no dey make their victim to neglect their children!
You can do better!”.

Rita Edochie took to her comment section to concur with her as she applauded Sarah Martins for calling out Judy. She wrote, “Gbam”.

Rita Edochie concurs as Sarah Martins shades Judy Austin

This isn’t the first time Rita Edochie has concurred with Sarah. A few weeks back, Rita had shown her support to Sarah for dragging Judy for stealing a married man.

Sarah had sent a message to Judy about the detriment of stealing people’s husbands. Concurring with her, Edochie told Sarah to increase the volume.

Recall that Sarah fell out with Judy after publicly distancing herself from Judy and pitched a tent with May and Rita Edochie. Feeling betrayed, Judy had cut ties with her, which left Sarah bitter. Since then, she has been dragging both Yul and Judy and had alleged that Judy Austin owed her N1 million.

Last month, Sarah dragged Yul to collect ad earnings from her video on Facebook. Sharing screenshots, she called him a better thief as she questioned if he was that broke and admonished him to beg Nigerians to contribute money so he wouldn’t die of hunger.

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