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Rich Bundy: Biography, his brother Ted Bundy, Net Worth, etc

Rich Bundy

Rich Bundy is the younger half brother to Ted Bundy the infamous serial killer who killed more than 30 women in the mid 1970.

Rich is the only one of Ted Bundy’s siblings who agreed to be interviewed about his relationship with the murderer.

The series, produced and directed by Trish Wood, also features interviews from Bundys former girlfriend Elizabeth Kendall and her daughter, Molly, both of whom Rich spent time with alongside his brother.

While Ted Bundy has for better or worse become a household name, most people probably don’t realize that he had siblings. In fact, he actually had three half-siblings: Rich and two half-sisters. (The sisters’ names are currently unknown.)

What was Bundy’s childhood like with his siblings?

Bundy was born at a home for unwed mothers in Burlington, Vermont, in 1946, according to Biography.com, his mother, Eleanor Louise Cowell (known as Louise), considered putting him up for adoption, but was eventually talked out of it by her father, Sam Cowell.

Louise ended up marrying Teds stepfather, Johnnie Bundy, and the couple had three children together. Johnnie eventually adopted Ted, and he took his last name.

What do Bundy’s siblings think of their half-brother now?

Fast-forward to the mid- to late-70s, and the Bundy name has become infamous after he was accused of multiple murders and assaults across several states. Bundy’s sisters are still alive and they “just don’t talk about it,” Wood tells Women’s Health. “I do believe we found one of the sisters and left messages, as I’m sure she gets every week of her life, and she never responded,” she explains.

Rich was willing to talk, though, and he said some interesting things to say about his relationship with his big brother. “He had this vulnerability and this big trust and he looked up to [Ted],” Wood explains. “So they had a very intense relationship. Obviously, not a romantic relationship [like with Liz Kendall], but intense.”

In the docuseries, Rich recalls going on picnics with Bundy, Kendall, and Mollya family outing of sorts. Bundy was “many years older than Rich” and was “like a parental figure,” Wood notes.

“When Rich, you know, discovered who his brother was, it was a terrible, terrible betrayal for him,” she says, adding that Rich is still struggling with this. “He still can’t wrap his head around it. And he’s the sweetest thing. He’s very sweet, but mad. He’s angry.”

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