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‘Rest in peace Grandma’ Actor Femi Adebayo weeps

femi adebayo

Actor Femi Adebayo has taken to social media to announce the passing of his grandmother in the early hours of today.

The Adebayo family would have felt the impact of her death. Although, the deceased would be fulfilled for having witnessed growing generations and living a good life.

The mother of the Veteran actor Adebayo Salami, Alhaja Aishat Ayoka Abdulkareem, is an aged woman, even though her age is undisclosed as at the time of the report.

However, Femi prayed to God to grant her a peaceful passing.

She wrote:

Innalilahi wainaillaihi roji’un

This is to announce the death of Alhaja Aishat Ayoka Abdulkareem Mama Oga Bello (Iya Iyaya)

Rest in Peace Grandma!🙏

Actor Femi Adebayo
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