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‘Respect those who made it to the top without social media’ Yomi Casual addresses 21st-century celebrities

yomi casual

Celebrity stylist, Yomi Casual has shared his thoughts on Instagram following the social media platforms that experienced outage yesterday as he addressed the 21st century celebrities.

It is no news that 10 million users of Whatsapp,. Facebook and Instagram experienced a black out on Monday which lasted for hours before it got rectified.

Following the outrage, Yomi Casual has addressed recent celebrities whose income come majorly from these particular social media platforms that they should seek respect from those that made it without the influence of social media.

According to him, those who made it without social media are the real hustlers because the struggle is way different than that of online business owners who are nothing without social media.

Speaking further, he said the world wide social media black out should serve as a deterrent lessons to those that rely on social media for business purposes.

He wrote:

This should serve as a lesson to ya’all 21st century celebrities and online business owners. You are nothing without the media! Respect those people who made it to the top without social media. #thestruggleisdifferent

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