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“If Billionaire wife cut fish like this then I will be a billionaire soon” Reactions as Regina Daniels shows off her cooking skills (Video)

Regina Daniels pot of spaghetti

Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels has caused a stir online after she showed off her cooking skills.

The billionaire wife had taken to her social media page to share a video of her preparing a meal with her stepkids and workers. In the clip, the mother of two was preparing a pot of Spaghetti and Regina had zoomed in on her pot of spaghetti which contained fresh fish which were cut into tiny bits.

The prices of fish left many shocked as they expected the wife of a billionaire to use turkey or chicken or better still cut her fish into big bits.

See some reactions below,

One Maielvo wrote, “Why the food come look poor? Them no get chef for the house?

One I Am Sandra David wrote, “We still dey chop same fish. Me sef no small

One Cukies Brown wrote, “If this is the standard of billionaire kitchen and the means they prepare, I think I’m still doing well in this world

One Endy Light wrote, “If Billionaire wife dey cut fish like me then, I go be a billionaire soon

One Badboy Tinni wrote, “Even billionaire wife no use turkey cook spaghetti. Poor me, na why I no get savings

One Mrs. Aigbido wrote, “If na so e be like, me sef na billionaire because we dey chop same fish

One Edu Handsome wrote, “Lol I’m lost this is the same way we cook it yet we ain’t billionaires. Wtf is all the hype for?”.

Regina showing off her cooking skills is coming as a surprise as the wife of Ned Nwoko, revealed years back that she doesn’t cook for her husband. She stated that she doesn’t cook nor enter the kitchen, which her husband concurred with.

Recall that Regina Daniels shocked the internet when she got married in April 2019, to politician, Ned Nwoko, who is older than her with 38 years.

Shedding light on her marriage, Regina said she is the stubborn type, hence the reason why she married an older man so she could be submissive. According to her, she is always respectful to her husband and he keeps her calm. Speaking on public opinion about her marriage, she said was never bothered about what people would say, but note about how her family would reach to it.

Her husband, on his part, debunked rumors that he met Regina through her mother as he revealed that they fell in love and got married within three weeks.

The movie star while replying to those who mocked her for marrying her husband, Regina Daniels asked them to ‘Shut the f**k up.”

In another interview, Daniels revealed that her marriage is way sweeter at home than in public. She also disclosed that she often reads negative comments with her husband and they share a good laugh.

The young actress also addressed those still questioning her decision to marry her billionaire husband, Ned Nwoko by sharing a clip, which she clearly stated was directed at her critics.

Early this year, Regina Daniels had finally taken up her husband, Ned Nwoko’s surname as she changed her Instagram bio.

Despite it being almost 5 years since the young actress married her husband, she stuck to her maiden name, Daniels rather than her husband’s surname. However, that has changed as Regina has rebranded herself to Regina Daniels Nneamaka Nwoko.

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