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Regina Daniels makes a strong case against child labour as she calls out celebrities and movie producers (Video)

Regina Daniels speaks against child labour

Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels Nwoko has issued out a disclaimer to celebrities and movie producers.

The latest Senator’s wife, in a video posted on her Instagram page minutes ago, admonish her colleagues to stand against child labour.

Regina Daniels recounted how she met a 14-years-old girl on a movie set, who was learning make-up.

Knowing how dangerous the industry could be especially to young girls who are eager to break through, Regina Daniels approached her and she opened up to the wife of Ned Nwoko on how she was coping surviving on her own.

The young girl revealed that her parents were based in Port Harcourt and she had left home for Delta to work. She disclosed that she has been sleeping in different hotels with both male and female and atimes has been harassed by them.

Being passionate for young girls, Regina Daniels had taken her in and registered her in one of the best schools in Delta.

Calling out her colleagues, Regina questioned if they were stup!d as the young child revealed to her that she has worked with certain celebrities.

Noting how the society is bad for ladies, Regina pleaded with her colleagues to stand against child labour.

For her, she has made a vow to always fight with any movie producers who recruit young kids for movie roles.

“There is something I want to share, it’s a story I wouldn’t like to share but I have to because there are things that I can’t out an end to alone. It takes a collective effort. I met a young girl on a movie set, she said she was the make-up artiste on set. When I asked her why she isn’t in school, she said her parents are in Port Harcourt and told me she sleeps in different hotels.

I could immediately feel she is losing it, I told her to fi return to her parents and I would sponsor her. She told me she has been working with different celebrities and crew members and I begin to winder if these celebrities are useless.

Most of if these movie producers end up sleeping with such ladies. I took her to one of the best school in Delta State. The society is bad as it is and we know that young girls are at the messy of society (The underprivileged ones). I urge other celebrities to not encourage child labour”.

She captioned the video, “DISCLAIMER!! This goes to the celebrities and movie producers. Please say NO to child Labour? And keep the industry secure”.

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