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‘No husband, mother, friend and of course no child,’ Actress Regina Daniels laments bitterly

Regina Daniels

Nollywood actress and billionaire’s wife Regina Daniels has taken to social media to lament being left alone as she travels without her husband and son for the first time.

In the post shared on her Instagram page, Regina Daniels, who is currently in Turkey for a business trip, said it is her most challenging trip, having to travel without her husband, mother, friend, and son.

The actress said she is trying to build herself into a wonderful woman everyone would be proud of, especially her son.

She expressed appreciation to her husband for being supportive and happy to look after their son, Moon.

In contrast, Regina Daniel added that she’s lucky to have her mother waiting for her to serve as her companion and share her stress.

She wrote: This is by far my hardest trip ever, having to travel all by myself for the first time in my life without no companion…no mother, no husband,no friend and of course no child.

But business calls. I am trying to build myself into a wonderful woman that everyone will be proud of most especially my son. Thank you baby @princenednwoko for being so supportive and always happy to look after moon… @princemunirnwoko

But lucky for me, my precious mother @rita.daniels06 was at the other end waiting for me. So I have a companion to share in the stress

Regina Daniels
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