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Regina Daniels emotional as husband, Ned Nwoko grants their son, Moon his greatest wish (Video)

Ned Nwoko dresses son

Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels has been left emotional over a sweet gesture from her husband, Ned Nwoko to their son, Moon.

The billionaire businessman and politician, despite his busy schedule, had made time out to grant their son, Munir aka Moon his heart’s desire. Via her Snapchat, Regina revealed that Moon is in love with dressing like his father and his dad made his desire come true.

In the clip, Ned Nwoko was seen dressing his son like him in a white jalabiya and a cap, which is his signature outfit.

Captioning the cute video, Regina wrote with a teary smiley, “Moon is so in love with being dressed like his Dad, so his dad is granting his wish by this time”.

In April of last year, Regina had melted hearts with an adorable video of her husband becoming a Kindergarten student for Munir.

The then 2-year-old had started school and the couple had dropped him off at school, unfortunately, Munir didn’t want his parents to leave him, and to make him happy, Ned Nwoko became a kindergarten student that day to help him interact with his classmates.

Despite his young age, Munir seems to be a good stylist as he had helped style his actress mother for an outing. A shocked Regina revealed that her son’s styling skills made her look like a teenager, which got her several sexual advances from young men.

In other news, Regina had sent an important message to mothers with boys, admonishing them to always go out with the kids wearing trousers.

Giving reasons, she noted how boys always make one go nuts in public, and as such, it’s important that one be alert, so they wouldn’t end up going nuts and looking like a princess.

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