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Reality tv star Chizzy hints at a specific thing his colleagues are doing to afford a lavish lifestyle

In a recent development, reality TV star Chizzy Francis has hinted at a specific thing that his colleagues resort to doing in order to afford the expensive lifestyle that they have.

Taking to the X platform, he revealed how incredulous it was that a lot of his colleagues have zero endorsement deals and yet they are able to splash on a car worth millions of Naira.

He went on to reveal how they were mounting pressure on people who really put in hard work to earn a living.

He ends his statement by stating that he covers his behind with the blood of Jesus, hinting at the fact that his colleagues might be involved in some homosexual activities.

In his words, he had this to say.,

“Not even one endorsement deal, yet you still splashes car that worth millions of naira.

Mounting pressure on those that put in hard work to earn a living. I cover my as with the bld of Jesus.”

His reality TV star colleague, Phyna, responded to him humorously by asking him to give her his plug’s number.

Let us also recall that Kemi Filani had reported back in March of 2024 that Chizzy had welcomed his first child with his wife months after his wedding.

He took to the Xplatform to announce that he had welcomed a baby boy with his wife. He further revealed that even though he had asked God for a princess, God had given him a heir to his throne.

Also recall that back in November of 2023, congratulatory messages had poured in for Chizzy as it was revealed that he had secretly tied the knot. A private image had emerged of him online tying the knot with his fiancée.

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