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Reactions as Burna Boy says everyone smokes, not legalising weed in Nigeria is hypocritical

Burna Boy wins BET Awards

Nigerian international artist and Grammy award winner Burna Boy is currently trending on and off social media following his statement on legalising weed in Nigeria.

According to Burna Boy, hypocrisy is the reason why marijuana has not been legalised in Nigeria.

The Nigerian music star made this known during an interview with Home Grown Radio in Los Angeles, where he said he believes that hypocrisy is the reason weed has not been legalised in Nigeria.

“It’s not a zero tolerance. It’s like everybody does it, but no one wants to be the one that is seen with it. “It’s just kind of hypocritical out there. Everybody smokes weed.”

Burna Boy also said that misconception around the drug is another reason as not been legalised. “It’s like some dumb shit bro. You know those old sh*t when they talk about it frying your brains.
They try to make it seem like if you smoke it, you will go m*d. Right now, everybody is relaxed, everybody does it, and everybody knows that. It’s just a topic no one wants to talk about. No one wants to talk about it; everybody is . Nobody wants to make it a thing.”

Burna Boy’s statement has sparked reactions on social media with Nigerians giving their opinions.

See some of the reactions below;

ese.ariremuu wrote: @riola_schwartz I don’t know anything about makeup though, likewise you don’t know anything about marijuana. So let’s stop being hypocritical.

mistakay_photography wrote: Him saying everyone smokes weed does not mean all of us smokes weed. What he is trying to say is that majority of Nigerians smokes weed

alakalayi wrote: Point of correct bro, not everyone but I think it should be legalize.

chiwu_ikem wrote: Smoke yourself out and don’t involve the rest of us.

igbinigiemario wrote: @petluvnura Don’t talk abt what you don’t know

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