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What R Kelly said about the docuseries #SurvivingRKelly



R Kelly has reacted to Lifetime’s documentary series “surviving R Kelly” which reveals how the singer had sex with several underaged girls. One of the girls R Kelly is alleged to have had sex with his late singer Aaliyah who was his protege.

About the societies, TMZ reports that R.Kelly is “disgusted” and has refused to watch a single minute of it as it has now put him in the eye of a ferocious storm .
The sources say R. Kelly also views the series as a “vendetta” against him by producers and others who have hated him throughout his professional career.

Furthermore, R.Kelly’s team informed him on the various people who appeared on the show and he claims he doesn’t even know half of them. He claims the other half hate him for various personal and professional reasons.

R. Kelly also claims there were various people who wanted to go on camera and defend him but producers shut them out.
The is reportedly resolute and according to TMZ, he’s going to sue everybody who had anything to do with this.