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Prophet Sam Ojo Requests For Plot Of Land Before Deliverance – Pictures, Video

A viral video capturing a Nigerian cleric, Prophet Sam Ojo demanding a piece of land before conducting a deliverance session on a church member, has set the internet on fire

In the video, Sam Ojo was heard insisting that a woman should donate a piece of land before her child can receive permanent healing.

In desperation, the woman promised to give Mr. Ojo a land but all she was told was to go and lay her hands on her child .

Aggreviated and vehemently speaking on a prior experience he had with a church member, the pastor talked about a contract-seeking politician he once prayed for.

He mentioned that after the contract clicked, the man went to pay N100m tithe in another church.

He added that he had taken the pain to call the politician, who was also geared up for a governorship post, and laid curse on him that no one in his family will ever become a governor.

In his words;
“If I use my anointing on you and you take my tithe to another church, your life will be destroyed.”

He later told the woman that he doesn’t want a land in Sango, Ota, Ogun State, but in a highbrow place like Magodo.

He then addressed those saying he isn’t God, telling them to go and meet God if they know his address.


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