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Prince Kpokpogri’s ex bestfriend, Mayor Blessing gets dragged for being a fair weather friend and gold digger



Mayor Blessing dragged for ditching Kpokpogri for Tonto because of money

Mayor Blessing, Delta state politician and a friend to Tonto Dikeh’s ex lover, Prince Kpokpogri has been exposed for being a fair weather person.

Refreshing your memory on the Tonto Dikeh-Prince Kpokpogri drama, Mayor Blessing had shockingly pitched tent with Tonto Dikeh after the couple split.

Kemi Filani news recalls Mayor Blessing had opined that Tonto Dikeh did not deserve the emotional blackmail she was going through at the moment.

Prince had claimed their relationship was living hell and likened Tonto Dikeh to Lekki Tollgate, saying she opens her leg for every man.

However, a friend to Kpokpogri, Mayor Blessing, expressed displeasure over the drama considering how he convinced Tonto Dikeh to go ahead with the relationship.

Mayor Blessing said he felt disappointed at everything that was happening, pointing out that Tonto Dikeh is a good woman who went into the relationship with an open mind.

According to Prince Kpokpogri’s friend, Tonto Dikeh, within the short period of the relationship, proved she was a domestic lady, notwithstanding her status.

Mayor Blessing added that there was more to the current issue, and people should not be deceived by what they see online.

Shockingly, this year, Mayor Blessing has been trying to earn Kpokpogri’s trust again by tendering an unreserved apology to him, which Kpokpogri failed to acknowledge.

Controversial blogger, Cutie Julls has now revealed the reason why the politician was being a fair weather friend to the ex parties.

Cutie Julls alleged that at the time when Kpokpogri and Tonto had their drama, Kpokpogri was financially handicapped and this led Mayor to pick side with Tonto Dikeh since he knew his friend was broke.

According to the blog, the government was indebted to him as he had done some projects in Delta state which the AG office was refusing to pay him back with flimsy excuses.

However, the Governor on his return from his UK trip, deliberated on some contractor’s project and Kpokpogri was among the few who got heavily paid.

Hearing the news that his friend had been rewarded, Blessing tried pitching tent with him, but alas, Kpokpogri had known his type of personality.

“Okay today I have time so let’s roll the kpokpo and Mayor gist. Well it happened that the time the whole T & Kpo’s issue happened, Kpo was somehow dome financially. Cuz he had done some projects for Delta State which the AG office was refusing to pay h back with excuses like some of the jobs weren’t well done bla bla. So kpo was slightly broke and many thought the monied owed him by Delta State weren’t going to be paid. So it wasn’t very difficult for Mayor to face the other way. Sometimes we all get fair weather friends like that. Fast forward, I think when Governor returned from his UK trip, tehy deliberated on some contractor’s projects and Kpo was one of the lucky ones whose jobs were reviewed and passed so which meant they will be paid. Kpo was paid a good percentage of the money owed him almost contractors in the world don’t get full payment at once. So uncle Mayor heard say ha, sapa no dey Kpo’s side again o. So he used style to smoke the peace pipe but Kpo ghosted him cuz he had realized unku Mayor na fair weather person”.

Mayor Blessing dragged