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Reactions As Socialite Pretty Mike storms an event with women dressed as animals

Pretty Mike makes ladies dress as animals

Netizens have reacted to the latest action by socialite, Mike Nwogu better known as Pretty Mike who attended an event with ladies dressed as animals.

Kemi Filani news recalls that the socialite who is known for his controversial and bizarre entrance to an event, has taken his creative to another level.

Rather than go spiritual, Pretty Mike channelled animal spirit as he stepped into an event with three ladies dressed as animals.

Sharing photos and video, Mike wrote :

“We are all animals one way or the other, something drives me crazy about this way of life “it’s too deep for me to explain”. Interpreting in ur own mind is allow….”My Entrance to ObaBest “Mom” 60th birthday….. You should have all see the look on mummy face”.

See reactions below,

know_thy_self247 : This is nit entertaining in any shape or form. I think yiu should have outgrown this weird displays. And the narcissistic aura for attention is getting really boring. Going to someone’s event with this outrageous and wack costumes makes no sense

bennysouzamedia : It is women who allowed themselves to be objectified like this that I blame!

posh_queenlady : Na wa Turning our women into Animal

diamond_mimi24 : ah u have come again

lady_peju : Chai wat money can not do does not exist ije ego I feel for those ladies

official_tonyeb : So na to turn people children to half animal half human hungry you today? Just asking respectfully I with she respect sir”.

Pretty Mike's entourage dress in animals
Pretty Mike attends event with ladies dressed as animals
Pretty Mike attends event with ladies dressed as animals
Pretty Mike attends event with ladies dressed as animals
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jacqueline

    March 22, 2022 at 5:51 am

    Continue enhancing your bodies – instead of getting that Master’s Degree and then trying to figure out your salvation [whether it is being a Caterer to income to get to where you really want to be ==== at which point you can now dust your Master’s Degree and hang it in your Office as you navigate through life.

    NOOOOOOOOOOO – continue to enhance your bodies to embarrassing proportions until you look so ridiculous that a Man [who has maintained his own body – and ‘appears’ perfectly respectable] will begin to see you like an ANIMAL that can be handled as such!

    Yesterday it was pregnant women… today it’s horses… tomorrow, maybe it will be a horse/dog on leash!

    Continue dehumanizing yourselves… making yourselves a GROTESQUE caricature of “ANIMALS”.

    One day, you may wake up, and you’re 50 years old [and possibly Depres*ed]- then it will dawn on You that a Master’s Degree is NOT a Scam [and can be used even when you are 60years]… or in the alternative, [for those not educationally inclined] that being responsible gives peace of mind.

    I suppose the time to ask for their parents is over – Now, we have to lay the blame at the feet of Government – who have brought NIGERIA to her knees … and have through their cluelessness, twisted the land with hunger and poverty..

    while their own children are in the most advanced/civilized parts of the world – have the time of their lives… as the good people of Nigeria/ as well as the Nigerian horses [formerly humans] luxuriate in great struggle/ as well as poverty.

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