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‘Luxury cars are now converted to truck’ Pretty Mike reacts after spotting a Range Rover carrying mattress in Lagos traffic

Pretty Mike

Popular Lagos socialite Pretty Mike has stirred mixed reactions after lamenting how luxury cars are now converted to moving trucks in Lagos.

Pretty Mike took to his Instagram story to share a photo of a Range Rover carrying a mattress in an undisclosed location in Lagos Traffic.

Reacting the socialite said in Lagos state, people have no regard for luxury cars considering how the vehicles are converted to moving trucks.

He wrote: My Lagos City. where any Luxury car can be converted to a moving truck.

Reacting, some social media users averred Nigerians always give so much care, and attention to luxury items as the case is different outside the country.

Meanwhile, others considered it no big deal because it may be wired to pay a ridiculous amount of money for a service that they can do with a personal car.

_egooyinbo wrote: So because the car is luxurious now, the person should rather carry the mattress on his/her head.

hlmadelove_somebodioflagos wrote: A Range Rover in a Nigeria,is another taxi in USA

leaddyskincare wrote: So? If he wants to buy a new mattress he should goan rent a car?? When he has one he can carry it with???

maryanncorner wrote: It doesn’t make sense paying 20k to convey mattress when you have a car, I totally understand, ahhh country get as E be. Besides that mattress isn’t cheap

Pretty mike

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