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Keeping up with the Zazu family: Portable’s 4th wife Ashabi shares loved up video with him, shortly after he dragged her online

Ashabi shares loved up video with Portable shortly after he dragged her online.

Keeping up the Zazu’s is a never ending tunnel of online dragging and lovey dovey videos that can sometimes be difficult to keep up with.

In a recent development, Portable’s fourth wife Ashabi posted a loved up video of herself and Portable conversing.

While this video may have looked like a normal couple video, it befuddles the mind because less than twenty-four hours ago, Portable was online dragging the living daylights out of Ashabi.

Shortly after Portable had dragged her, Ashabi went online, crying out about losing two social media accounts. Her concerns weren’t founded on the fact that her husband had just dragged her online.

Ashabi’s loved up video with Portable left a bitter taste in the mouths of many netizens, and they didn’t hold back on lashing out at her.

teeto_olaveni wrote, “Oluwa Olorun Anu…Which kind second had embarrassment be this??? This Asabi na big time Alagbako”

eniola wrote, “Abi dis people Dey do am intentionally ni?”

maryjane wrote, “Na jazz? Or just illiteracy because how is he bagging these women? How?!!!”

kingfadekemi wrote, “Movie title: KEEPING UP WITH THE PORTABLES!!”

iamofficialb001 wrote, “Why do I feel bewaji don dey get replacements of okiki cause this was same way I and my ex broke up shas”

lushbybukky wrote, “If you want to suffer in life deal with a Pisces man. This is coming from a Pisces woman! They are no good!”

komeshair haven wrote, “Dem never still bring light oo, soup for freezer go spoil ooo
na that one dey pain me”

che_eseball wrote, “We all need to sue portable and his baby mamas for this mental and emotional stress wey dem dey give us! Kilodé? Na only Una dey?”

mistyshaycouture_official wrote, “At this point it’s evident you’ve been hypnotized cos this can’t be ordinary, how can you h@te yourself this much?”

adelademi wrote, “Laburu in human form God abeg”

koreys_closet wrote, “I am thankful for the kind of love I get from home tori pe it made my self love and respect 100 Shev portable loyin loko ni”

seun_apace wrote, “Nothing wey anybody wan tell me portable dev use soap”

exquisite_vickky wrote, “Abi this was planned to hint the wife that she’s pregnant again?”

officialhallyberry wrote, “Na wa 000, portable na the real akoba adaba olorun maje ari nkan be”

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