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“If they remove my name from your name you are nothing” Portable slams babymama, Ashabi, issues stern warning to Laide Bakare (Video)

Portable drags Laide Bakare over babymama, Ashabi

Nigerian singer, Portable isn’t done airing out his anger on his babymama, Ashabi as he resumed dragging her on his social media page.

He questioned where the movie star was when his wife, Bewaji stood by him when he had nothing. He stated that Ashabi would just be a skitmaker if not for his name added to hers.

The controversial singer claimed that he raised her dead career as he warned her never to talk when he talks, noting how he feeds and takes care of her. Portable called himself her second daddy as he questioned why she couldn’t respect him as her husband.

“If they remove my name from your name, you are nothing but a skit maker, I raised your d£ad career…You are [email protected] were you when my wife Bewaji stood by me when I had nothing…When I talk you don’t talk, I’m the one feeding and taking care of you, I’m your second daddy, why can’t you respect your husband like your daddy”.

Elsewhere in his live video, he slammed Laide Bakare for her interview, where she advised married women to retaliate if their husband cheats on them.

Issuing her a stern warning, Portable warned her never to mingle with Ashabi as he noted how people like her destroy homes.

“For Aunty, whose identity I will keep under wrap went to do an interview saying if your husband cheats, you shouldn’t leave him but go outside and cheat. Is that good advice, you this Aunty that is acting film? I mustn’t see you with my wife acting film cause people like you will be giving her wrong advice and pushing her to do wrong things”.

The whole drama with Ashabi started after she granted an interview giving an insight into their love life, admitting how skeptical she was of their relationship and his marriage.

She revealed that despite the singer being married and having multiple women, she still feels like he is married to her alone. Ashabi left many shocked when she stated that even if he contracts a sexually transmitted disease that is deadly, she is ready to die with him.

Following her interview, Portable slammed her, reminding her that she is just a side chick, as he noted how he has a wife at home. The singer questioned what he did wrong by accepting her pregnancy and recounted how he moved her from a one-bedroom to a two-bedroom.

Portable made it known that his wife, Zainab has never fought Ashabi and informed that he has kids with multiple women, which could total to 7. Questioning if she is the only side chick he has, he stated that she can never stand beside his wife.

Replying him, Ashabi posted clips from the interview as she noted how understanding is a gift everyone doesn’t have. She stated that the singer wanted to argue with his ancestors as she made him known that she was a fine girl. Ashabi, however, added that she wouldn’t say anything further as she was sure they would settle things in private.

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