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“I have slept with many of the women advising my wife to leave me” Portable blows hot (Video)

Portable slams wife's advisers

Fast-rising singer, Habeeb Okikiola better known as Portable, who in the space of one year has welcomed three kids, has slammed those wrongfully advising his wife.

The father of five, who welcomed a son days back, took to his Instagram page to send a message to his wife’s bitter advisers.

Portable claimed that he has slept with nearly half of the women advising his wife, Zainab to leave him.

Challenging them, he questioned why his wife would leave since he was taking care of her and providing all her needs.

He further claimed that these advisers don’t want his wife to have rest of mind in her husband’s house.

“Those people advising my wife to leave my house, there is no space, the house also is filled.

Person wey dey enjoy, I checked my wife phone, she has like 30 advisers, I have slept with 10. Those ones that I only had one night stand with are the ones advising my wife, they don’t want her to stay in her husband’s house. They don’t want her to have rest of mind in her husband’s house.

I make my woman strong, Dem dey call my woman strong woman. Who provides for her? Me. Eshey oo eyin fake advisers e ti cast”.

He captioned the video with, “King Zazuu Oba Ba Lori oun gbogbo as a responsible man. One man for all woman, all woman for one man. Oto loo. Ika talk IKA understand”.

Zainab sends message to critics following birth of his fifth son

His wife, on her part, had sent a message to her critics.

The shocking news of her husband’s son’s birth had left many tagging Zainab and responding to them via her Instagram story, she told the critics that she wasn’t bothered.

“All your tagging no concern me”.

In a follow-up post, Zainab revealed her major priority.

Taking to her Instagram page to share a video of her flaunting her new hair, Zainab who is living her best life, stated that money is her priority.

According to the mother of two, whatever is wrong with her, more money will make me feel better”.

Portable brags after welcoming fifth son with third baby mama

Unbothered by his wife’s feelings, Portable had crowned himself King, while stating that there is one man for all women.

Apologizing to God, he admitted that he is a singer, however, he is probably going to sin again.

“Oba ba lori oungbogbo. One man for all woman. All woman for one man King Zazuu. I am a sinner who’s probably gonna sin again lord forgive me”.

“Make money before you love”.

Portable tells critics days after welcoming fifth child

In another post, Portable responded to his critics and he admonished them to pray for him.

Portable told them to pray for him after judging him. The street singer noted how many men can’t take care of one wife, but he was taking care of his baby mamas.

“After judging me please pray for me. I want to be perfect like you. IKA talk IKA understand”.

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