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“I have been fighting since I was a child, I am a warrior and not a survivor” Portable hails himself

Portable cals himself a warrior

Popular Nigerian singer, Habeeb Okikiola better known as Portable Omolalomi is tooting his own horns.

The controversial singer, in a post on his Instagram page, revealed that he has been fighting since he was a child.

The singer, who has gotten into series of beefs and fights since gaining widespread fame with the likes of TG Omori, Poco Lee, Small Doctor among others, considers himself a warrior and not a survivor.

The Ika of Africa, which is one of his numerous nicknames, noted how he started alone, failed alone, cried alone and then picked himself up for success.

The father of four, who is fearless, declared that he can’t fight his battles alone and never fears to walk alone.

He made reference to how a Lion, who is considered the King of the Jungle, doesn’t fear anything.

Going by his reference, it seems like Portable seems himself as the King of his jungle m

“Zazuu I have been fighting since I was a child. I am not a survivor, I am a warrior ANIKULETI 1 IKA OF Africa. I started alone, stayed constant alone, failed alone, cried then picked myself up alone. I will succeed alone, can fight my own battle alone. Never fear to walk alone a lion don’t fear to walk alone. I go by the nar Portable Omolalomi. Wahala’ Musician Dr Zeh Nation many many inspiration”.

Portable reveals why he engages in brawls on social media

Just days back, Portable had revealed why he engages in brawls on social media.

In an interview with Timi Agbaje, an actor who also runs a street vox pop, Portable said he engages in brawls because he doesn’t want people to continue to rip him off his hard-earned money.

When Timi Agbaje asked him why he fights online every time, Portable responded with a question; “dem don rip you before? Timi responded; “dem don rip me”. The singer went on to ask; “as dem riP you, you no talk?” Timi responded; “I no talk”. Arriving at his conclusion, Portable said; ” na him make dem dey rip you dey go ma soro (don’t talk!).

Portable who is known for his comic way of talking and turning everything that comes his way into a song started a song out of the interview question.

Portable gained widespread popularity after the release of his song “Zazu Zeh” in December 2021 where he featured rapper, singer and songwriter, Olamide and dancer, Iwe Pascal better known as Poco Lee.

Portable cals himself a warrior
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