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“I don’t want to die young” – Portable cries out as he gets hospitalized again (Video)

Portable prays against untimely death following hospitalization

Controversial Nigerian singer Habeeb Okikiola popularly known by his stage name Portable has cried out after getting hospitalized for the umpteenth time.

Taking to his Instagram story to share a video of him on drops, he revealed that he was feeling pains all over his body as he prayed against untimely death.

He expressed that he doesn’t regret, rather he goes hard as he noted how one can’t be comfortable being themselves in the midst of people that don’t want them. He admonished his fans to be themselves, let the stress go and let the blessings flow.

In another post, he assured his fans not to panic as he made them know that he is alive and was only feeling pains. He declared that untimely death isn’t his portion.

“Pain all over my body somebody pray for me I don’t want to die young.

We don’t regret we go hard you can’t be comfortable being you in the mist of people that don’t want you. Be you let the stress go and let the blessings flow. Zazuu am coming stronger”.

“No panic I still dey feel pain am alive bobo no go die young”.

In a previous post, he shared a throwback video of him praying to God as he stated that there is no gain without pain. He disclosed that he thinks a lot and feels a lot. According to him, despite the happiness, the moments, the memories and the pain, all he needs is prayer.

“No pain, no gain. I face a lot, I think a lot. The moments, the memories, the pain, the happiness all I need is prayer somebody pray for me On God”.

Portable prays against untimely death following hospitalization

Kemi Filani reported in January that Portable had cried out to Nigerians after landing in the hospital following beating from his colleagues. He questioned if it’s only the dead Nigerians fight for, as he noted how there was a lot of evidence, yet no one was calling for justice for him.

Refreshing your memory, Portable was mercilessly beaten by Nigerian-American singers, Esquare over failure to perform at their show. Narrating the incident, Portable claimed that he was attacked by 40 people and they had badly injured him and left him with a broken leg.

Sharing their side of the story, Esquare debunked the reports of beating Portable and recounted the incident.

Following the drama, Portable briefly turned into a motivational speaker, as he shared a popular quote that says,” When the pain is deep, go deeper in prayer”.

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