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“Ungrateful woman, without me you’re nothing” – Portable reopens beef with wife, Bewaji as he mercilessly drags her

Portable calls his wife ungrateful

Nigerian singer, Portable isn’t done venting over his wife and mother of two of his kids, Bewaji as he has resumed dragging her.

Bewaji had shared a cryptic post, calling herself a Queen and speaking about the level of ungratefulness with humans. She urged her followers to do what pleases them as she noted how humans easily forget the kindness showed to them.

Taking to her comment section, Portable blasted her stating that without his name, she is nothing. He claimed that his wife is the reason why people don’t respect him again. He questioned what else he would do for her as he noted how she is always unhappy.

The controversial singer stated that his wife is jealous because he is getting other women pregnant when she told him she was done with childbearing. Making her know that he is not her slave, he claimed that she wants to set him up.

Portable noted how his wife always looks down on him despite him taking care of her bills, he admonished her to leave of she is tired as he made her know that women are lining up to be in her position.

“‘If they remove my name from your name you are nothing. You h*te me because another woman had a child for me. Were you not the one that said you have stopped childbearing? Everything I do for you, you are not grateful. It is my money you love. You always tell me everytime that you would leave but enjoyment did not allow you to. You are an ungrateful woman. Ask your mother if your father took care of her like I do. There are women begging me to come back. The moment you leave, you are not coming back to my house. Go if you want to go, I am not your slave”.

Portable calls his wife ungrateful

A week back, on her birthday, the singer had dragged her over her birthday caption, where she described herself as “Queen of Herself”.

Portable went into a tantrum, demanding respect from her. In an Instagram live session, he vowed to chase her out of their matrimonial home if she refused to change the caption and went on to suggest his wife’s friends were behind her actions.

Bewaji later bowed to pressure as she deleted the birthday post and updated her Instagram bio to reflect that of her husband and the singer had hailed her.

Reacting to it, Daniel Regha slammed Portable over his obsession with being the center of attention at all times as he made the singer know that respect is earned and not given. He stated that his behavior online reeks of low self-esteem and validation from his women.

Months back, news made rounds that Portable had assaulted his wife with photos to back up the claims making rounds online.

Bewaji addressed the claims, debunking the rumors, as she accused people of trying to ruin her husband’s life and career. Portable also shut down the report and accused his babymama, Ashabi of spreading lies about his marriage.

Following this, a troll had tackled Bewaji for celebrating Portable’s birthday in March. Reacting to it, Bewaji dared the troll, as she explained the reason why she was still with the singer.

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