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Plus sized lady, Amanda Lacount wows many with her amazing dance steps on America’s Got Talent

Amanda Lacount on AGT

A Plus sized lady named, Amanda Lacount has shocked many with her amazing and energetic dance steps in America’s got talent (AGT).

Vibing to Todrick Hall’s “Hair Nails Hips Heels”, Amanda won the heart of the crowd and Simon.

Despite getting one no (from Heidi), Amanda pulled through to the next stage.

She then took to her Instagram page to share her experience and reply her body-shamers. She wrote:

“AGT… This experience is so surreal. I would’ve never thought growing up that I would be dancing for millions of people around the world. I hope I can inspire some people that can relate to my story because that is what matters most to me. Can’t wait for you guys to see what I have planned for the next performance… I am going to prove Heidi wrong! Thank you guys for all the support!! “

“AGT the critiques As you can see there was a mix of drastically different opinions on my performance. I have been dealing with body shamers and people like Heidi thinking I’m not good enough for years but I’m going to make her eat her words! Also, the fact that Simon took the time to come backstage and talk to me about my performance means a lot. I respect him and all the judges so much and to get positive feedback (for the most part) felt amazing! Thank you for all the support! I love you guys so much and I hope I make you guys proud in the next round. I AM NOT HOLDING ANYTHING BACK”

Watch her amazing performance below…

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