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‘Person way never stop family war want to advise for peace’ Nigerians drag Peter Okoye over Ibadan clash

Some Nigerians have slammed famous singer Peter Okoye after calling for the end to the clash between Hausas and Yorubas in the Shasha market, Ibadan.

In a post shared on the microblogging platform, Peter Okoye called for everyone’s unity, regardless of their tribes.

Talking about his affiliations with the powerful tribes in Nigeria, Peter stated that he is an Igbo man who married a Yoruba man.

According to the grew up in the North and started his music career in the North, adding that he speaks the Hausa language fluently.

Peter Okoye wrote: I am an Igbo man, married to a Yoruba woman.
I grew up in the north, schooled in the north, started my career in North. And today i speak Hausa language fluently.
Please this Ethnicity,Tribalism and Racism has to Stop🛑!!! Haba! What is going on?💔😔😡 #StopTheBloodShed.

Reacting to the tweet, some Nigerian blasted the singer for advising on peace when he has failed to settle the conflicts between himself and his brother paul Okoye.

See the reactions below:
mz_elearnor: Person way never stop family war want to advice for peace 🤔🤔🤔 charity they say begins at home. My 2cent🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏻‍♀️

_aniscooser: And even in his family tribalism was a problem. The moment he got married to his wife Lola, issues arose.

africanbutterr_:@mz_elearnor speak on what you know, family problem is bigger than world war, world war you know your enemy and can possibly avoid them, family problems goes down to generations to generation and sometimes it best to love yourself from afar, leave them with there family problem,if they say village people is doing you , I hope you know it’s not from your town people it’s from your immediate family, if the witch no be your uncle , na your Aunty , or even siblings ,so if it’s not working let them be and stop sobbing what you know nothing about..

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