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“People tend to cause havoc when they don’t like you” Toyin Lawani blows hot as she drags Chioma Ikokwu

Toyin Lawani blows hot

Celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani has dragged her co reality star and businesswoman, Chioma Ikokwu for spreading false rumours about her.

The mum of one who stars on the hit reality show, Real Housewives of Lagos was mercilessly dragged on Twitter for belittling her co-star, Laura Ikeji’s son.

The housemates of the show had attended Laura Ikeji’s runway show and Toyin who was sitting beside Chioma had such her something on the phone.

Unfortunately, Chioma claimed that Toyin was comparing her own son, Tenor to Laura’s son.

Taking to her Instagram page, Toyin Lawani dragged both Chioma and the show’s organisers for painting her in the wrong light.

Her post reads, “Now I will Reply this and reply just once. And nit cause I need to correct adults that are blindly judging with what they are shown anyways all this misconception about who I really am is funny to me, if you know me. You will know how I empower and support people’s businesses, friends and even strangers. Not to talk of how I love children and carry them along, my child or the ones that are not mine. @showmaxnaija so you can’t tell me you missed out on all the things I said about her child when I saw him on the runway, I was overjoyed and I said that was the highlight of the show for me and if I knew the kids were walking I would have brought my son to walk too cause he’s good at it too and I hyped him like how I do everytime and I hyped her cute boy too, only for me to see that all was cut out and it seemed like I was putting the child down, it’s extremely devastating and sat go see that, I am not in support for it and it doesn’t represent who I am and how much I live kids, and as for Chioma saying I was showing her my collection, girl you and I know that’s a big lie and you definitely know what i was showing you which I have proof of, when people know you genuinely like someone they don’t like, they tend to cause havoc, many are good at playing games, I’m not, but that’s even beans, I can get over it, but for what they made it look like I said about the kid. I will ask @showmaxnaija to do the needful cause I won’t stand to be used for such content when it has to do with kids, I’m not up for such games, you have your footages. And anyone who judge me falsely when God in heaven knows the truth will also feel the pain of being lied on one day”.

Kemi Filani news recalls Toyin Lawani had furiously lashed out at her critics condemning her for her unruly behavior to her co-housemates.

On an episode of the reality show, The Real Housewives of Lagos, Toyin Lawani had blown hot at Caroline Hutchins Danjuma and Chioma Good hair for turning up late at the airport.

The mum of three noted how she had to leave her three children at home to make it to the airport and yet was stood up.

To further worsen things when her co housemates showed up, they offered no apology and this clearly infuriated Toyin to lash out at them.

Viewers of the show misinterpreted things and felt Toyin was only been proud, majority of them lashed out at the stylist.

Reacting to the criticisms, Toyin Lawani revealed that her first child, Tiannah who recently clocked 17 arrived Lagos for the first time in years yet she had to choose her work over her.

Bearing this in mind, Toyin stated that anyone who is bitter at her outburst and holds it against her, should carry on with it.

Toyin Lawani blows hot
Toyin Lawani blows hot
Toyin Lawani blows hot
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