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“People should only have standards they can afford” – VJ Adams reveals

Popular video jockey and rumoured beau to actress bimbo Ademoye, VJ Adams, has recently shared his thoughts on people who set standards for themselves that they cannot afford.

He revealed that while he’s not against people having such high standards for themselves, he truly believes that an individual should only set a standard that they can afford for themselves.

He gave an example stating if, as a girl, you own a Range Rover or a Benz, then it’s normal for you to want to only be with people who also have Range Rovers and other luxurious fleets of cars.

However, he expressed that if you, as an individual, cannot afford some certain things, then personally, it was wrong to want to get those specific things.

Now, let us also recall that in March of 2024, VJ Adams had come for women who believed that God is keeping them for the right person.

He expressed that a lot of girls are fond of stating that the reason why they’ve not met their Mr. Right is because God was keeping them away from the wrong people and keeping them for the right people.

However, he expressed that it was also possible that God was keeping people away from them because they’ve not yet worked on their awful characters.

He advised single girls who want to meet better men to work on their character development and their mindset so that they can attract people that God truly wants for them.

Also recall that back in 2023, Bimbo had set the record straight on her relationship with VJ Adams.

The movie star had taken to her Instagram page to celebrate his birthday, pouring sweet words as she described him as being selfless to the core, a breath of fresh air and also one of the sweetest humans ever.

A fan questioned if he was single and Bimbo answered by questioning the state farm if she was ready to die. Her strong response hinted at the fact that she was jealous and possibly in a relationship with him.

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