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‘People are suffering’ Actor, Alesh laments over the high cost of renting house in Lagos


Nollywood actor Alesh Ola Sanni has lamented bitterly about the high cost of housing in Lagos as he shares his experience.

In the video shared on his Instagram page, Alesh said people are suffering and can no longer afford the high cost of rent in Lagos.

According to Alesh, he does not live in Nigeria but has a house he leased and stays whenever he is in Nigeria, but he wants to leave the house for some reason.

However, he has received exorbitant prices from house agents calling three to four million Naira for an apartment, including a service charge of seven hundred and fifty thousand Naira.

Alesh added that a single room now goes for ten thousand Naira monthly and questions which the house owner is probably building the house for because people cannot afford such a high rent.

Kemi Filani News recalls that Alesh Ola Sannicopened up on being broke and living a fake life, warning those always begging him for money.

In a post shared on his Instagram page, the fast-rising actor said people should stop asking him for money, and he should be left alone to enjoy the feeling that comes with being a celebrity.

Alesh said he needs help more than those asking him for help, and there is no money in his bank account.

The actor warned that people should stop sending him bills or messages on his social media Direct Messages as he needs money.

Alesh added he has responsibilities, and because he has met with some of his fans and followers does not give them the audacity to ask him for money.

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