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Paul Psquare ridicules an online troll who turned into a beggar

Nigerian celebrities are used to receiving back lashing on social media from their followers who in some cases could be frenimies. Some Nigerians do not condone such insults as they serve such folowers back in like coin, while others stay mute

In a quite hillarious turn of events, Paul Okoye(the other half of the Psquare twins) has taken to social media to ridicule an online troll who turned beggar afterall.

Apparently, the follower who gained the singer’s attention by insulting him over the past six months suddenly turned a new leaf as he proceeded to beg for money

A bewildered Paul who has ignored the troll for quite some time was perplexed to see a message from the troll begging for financial assistance for school fees.

Call it karma or whatever, the singer posted a message which read;

Asin this life is very funny… Some dude has been insulting me for over 6months… on my post, dm and Twitter on a daily bases “Vanity upon Vanity”

So early this morning, he’s begging me for school fees …. asin you want to go and study more insult ? …. Sorry you don’t need my vanity on your university..

By now, the online troll/beggar who has since learnt in a very hard way would be sure to desist from publicly shaming Nigerian celebrities

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